We manage duplicate code.

CloneTracker is an application that not only detects duplicate code, but also manages past, present, and future duplicate code to greatly improve system maintainability. Analysis is done on your computer and the source code is never sent outside the system.

Product features

Detect Duplicate code with change

CloneTracker uses a unique algorithm to find duplicate codes that are "copy and paste" and slightly modified. With CloneTracker, you can easily manage even forgotten duplicate codes that no one is aware of.

"OK" duplicate and "Risky" duplicate

From the change history of the source code, CloneTracker not only detect dupulicate code, and evaluate how much risky(Potential bug, Huge technical debt, etc.) it is.

Prevents omission of modifications

If there is a change in the code due to a specification change, etc., CloneTrakcer will tell you if the same copy/paste code exists and the same change has not been made.

Duplicate code notification

CloneTracker will notify you when new duplicate code is generated for your project. Please evaluate the duplicate code.

Support Languages

Support C, C++, C#, Java and Python. JavaScript, PHP, VB.net, and Rust are supported as beta versions.

Don't worry. You are secure.

It runs within the PC where it is installed, so the source code is never sent to the outside!

CloneTracker Pricing


  • Free for 30 days

  • One project means one target directory that CloneTracker analyzes.
    For example, if you wish to analyze three different directories, that would be counted as three projects.
  • Payment annually

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